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Only 4 Hours Left to Purchase Everything Chris Marker Ever Produced (But Not Really)

March 18, 2010

My first thought was “I wish I had $25,000”. Then I read the description and thought “There are exactly zero details about any of this stuff ” What kind of completest collector offers something like this without any details about the condition of the journals and magazines; or the  sources, quality, format, and subtitle language of the videos?

Also, where did they get that photo of him?? Is it real? If so, he looks like Alan Arkin.

UPDATE: Thanks to Daniel from for a precise synopsis of why this is so weird and wrong and puzzling (in the comments).Also, my friend Gideon points out that he’s seen this photo before, and that it’s really him, and not Alan Arkin.  The only one I had ever seen was this:

Now I feel like I’m contributing to the problem by posting a photo of him!

Anyways, here’s the link to the auction for what it’s worth (and as long as it lasts). Below the fold is the full listing and description. Read more…


October 19, 2009
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Enjoy 80’s Animatronic Entertainment In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

October 6, 2009

The documentary about the Showbiz Pizza animatronic band is out on DVD now! It’s pretty incredible: Not only is it about Chris Thrash (the guy responsible for all of the YouTube videos of his personal hacked band performing Britney, Usher, et al), but it’s also a whole history of Showbiz, Chuck E Cheese, and the man who invented the animatronic band. Here are some clips.


There’s tons of fun archival footage and 80’s TV commercials and it’s way more impressive than I imagined it would be. It’s kind of like watching KING OF KONG, where, half-way through, you find yourself thinking “Wow, the history of Showbiz/Donkey Kong is really important and everyone should know about this!” I think that’s a sign of a well-made documentary.

Rug Burn

July 10, 2009

As Strange Mats points out, a rug can really tie a room together!


Apparently, these types of war rugs go back a long way in Afghani culture. This one seems to be generally triumphant about driving out both the Taliban and the Soviets, and is actually taken from an old template from the Soviet invasion days.

An interesting afterthought: in weaving recent history into mats, these Afghan artisans are unwittingly imitating the tapestry-as-news school of carpetry that had its most famous early example in the Bayeux Tapestry, which detailed William the Conqueror’s usurpation of the English throne.

Lots of insightful comments beneath the post (who knew this blog was so smart and popular?), including a link to this rug:


I’m In Love With A Jersey Girl

July 3, 2009

I can’t lie — I’m pretty stoked that I helped spark an internet flavor-of-the-week. FourFour is one of the first blogs I started reading regularly about 5 years ago, and during America’s Next Top Model season I wait breathlessly with the rest of the internet for Rich Juzwiak‘s incomparable weekly recap. But I am more than a fair weather fan – Rich is also an incredible aficionado of House music, R&B, gore films, and new surprises all the time — he is really wise beyond his years.

Every summer Rich heads home to New Jersey and visits the boardwalk at Wildwood where he documents it in all it’s trashiness and throw-back, out-of-place-redneck glory. So three years ago I dubbed him a VHS copy of Atlanta homegirl Ruth Leitman‘s 1992 documentary WILDWOOD NJ. This was a tape that I rescued from Videodrome‘s sale bin because I always loved it, and all of her other films including ALMA and LIPSTICK AND DYNAMYTE. I had the honor of doing a lecture with her several years ago at The Contemporary on kitch films from our childhood (Me: OKLAHOMA!, her: BILLY JACK). She was also a customer at Movies Worth Seeing where I worked for years and we used to chat a lot about documentaries before she moved away from Atlanta.

So it was crazy yesterday to see stills and clips from my tape all over the internet because of Rich’s wonderful review! Here’s his highlight reel (which has generated over 50,000 views in 2 days!):

The story also got picked up by Jezebel, Buzzfeed, and on G4 Tv‘s “Around The Web” it was selected as the #1 video of the day! (Thanks, BazookaLuca!).

Ruth says she’s getting DVD orders by the second, so you should contact her and ask for yours – it’s truly amazing and would make a great, if much more heartfelt, double feature with Heavy Metal Parking Lot. She is in the process of  remastering it now due to all of the sudden demand and will have it available on her site in a few days for $22.99 shipped. We’ll definitely get a copy for at Videodrome ASAP.

UPDATE: It’s available now – click on the “Wildwood” button. I ordered it for Videodrome.

Molasses in January: WAY Faster Than You Think.

June 27, 2009

Streeter Seidell, a comedian, College Humor editor, and creator of the dead-on First World petty complaint aggregator White Whine has a knack for finding obscure (to me anyways*) historical disasters on his personal blog. It’s with great shame that I must admit to missing the 90th anniversary of The Great Boston Molasses Disaster back in January.

The El Got De-elevated By A Sugar Rush

The El Got De-elevated By A Sugar Rush

Perhaps this is a well-known event in Boston history, but, if so, why haven’t they been telling the rest of us about it?? The story is simple yet amazing and one, I believe,  best told in bullet points:

  • It happened on an unusually warm day in January.
  • The container was 50 feet in diameter and contained 2,300,000 US gallons!
  • The molasses tsunami was 8 to 15 feet high and rushed through the streets at 35 miles per hour!
  • 21 people were killed and 150 were ‘injured’ — which I imagine means they were all stuck together.
  • The Elevated Train was lifted off it’s tracks and a truck was hurled into Boston Harbor.
  • It took over 87,000 man hours to clean the goo off of the streets, business, cars, cats, dogs, you-name-it.
  • Some folks say the area still smells like molasses occasionally. If only New Yorkers could have so easily identified a similar smell!

I’ll stop here because there are just way to many startling aspects to this event. Do yourself a favor and read every tantalyzing line of what might be the most captivating Wikipedia entry ever. Nearly every sentence is unbelievable.

Gookleur Fallout

Gookleur Fallout

*UPDATE: I’ve just been advised that every schmuck in the freakin world knows about this besides me.

PayPal, DVDs, Fax Machines, and North Korea!

June 15, 2009

I’m always scrounging around for any undercover documentary or other information about the DPRK, and today I discovered that one can purchase documentaries and other DVDs directly from the source: The North Korean government’s official website!

Who wants to take one for the team and set up a login there — and then pay them via PayPal? For a mere €30 (US $41) extracted from your bank account, you can choose from non-subtitled selections like “55th Anniversary of Founding of the DPRK“, “Extra-Large Inhumane Crime in the 20th cent“, and “A Traffic Controller on Crossroads“. All you have to do is give the North Korean government your personal details!


Yes, they have found an eCommerce Solution! Let's See What We Have here....

You can even sign up to become a member of the Korean Friendship Association. You get a friggin membership card for christsakes! Someone do it!* It’s free and there are only two conditions!

1. You respect the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and its leaders.
2. You respect the other members in the KFA and the goals of the KFA.


*Only if, again, you feel comfortable giving a totalitarian regime your address, telephone, “home page”and fax number.