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Enjoy 80’s Animatronic Entertainment In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

October 6, 2009

The documentary about the Showbiz Pizza animatronic band is out on DVD now! It’s pretty incredible: Not only is it about Chris Thrash (the guy responsible for all of the YouTube videos of his personal hacked band performing Britney, Usher, et al), but it’s also a whole history of Showbiz, Chuck E Cheese, and the man who invented the animatronic band. Here are some clips.


There’s tons of fun archival footage and 80’s TV commercials and it’s way more impressive than I imagined it would be. It’s kind of like watching KING OF KONG, where, half-way through, you find yourself thinking “Wow, the history of Showbiz/Donkey Kong is really important and everyone should know about this!” I think that’s a sign of a well-made documentary.

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