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House (1977)

March 1, 2009

A while back I posted a review of the movie HOUSE by Patrick Macias and then never followed up on it. Sorry about that. Well, my laziness continues, but luckily my pal Millie wrote about it in an an excellent post entitled “Only Ghost Cats Can Close Doors“.

For those here in ATL, it’s on the new release wall at Videodrome. For everyone else, you can watch it on YouTube with English subs, or here.

Run, don’t walk! You will never see anything so bizarrely disjointed. It’s as though 20 directors all worked on a film without seeing what each other were doing. It whips wildly between styles and tones – from gauzy soap opera to wild special effects to wacky hippie humor. Dissolves appear several times in a single seen,  and the soundtrack often sounds like it’s coming from a completely different movie. It’s a Freudian, slapstick, and splatter extravaganza!

This is one of those movies that has all the signs of a career-ender for all involved, but the director is actually still working and has won several awards!

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