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Another Headache For Lagos

February 17, 2009
Nigerian ingenuity, or bold fashion statement?

Nigerian ingenuity, or bold fashion statement?

(from Paradox Off Planet)

This January Nigerian authorities have enforced bikers and their passengers to wear helmets while riding a motorbike. Since the low standards of living and the terrible traffic jams in Nigerian capital Lagos making motorcycles the most popular vehicle, the new regulations have affected really a lot of people. And a lion’s share of them (oh, forgive me such choice of words) just can’t afford a brand new US$100 helmet. So they have to improvise. Photos by Oluniyi David Ajao.

On Oluniyi David Ajoa’s site, commenter and blogger Imnakoya observes:

The use of plastic buckets, pumpkins shell, calabash and construction helmets is both hilarious and tragic at the same time.

On his blog, Imnakoya also informs us that Lagos is attempting to join in the worldwide Orwellian CCTV craze by installing 10,000 cameras.  He directs us to an incredibly dull video demonstrating the technology (fast forward through the ceremonial introductions).

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