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Town Called “Obama” Celebrates Innauguration. Yay Progress!

January 22, 2009

Via Japan Probe :

Back in October, The New Yorker ran a piece on the Japapanese town of Obama (it means “little beach”) and their pre-innauguration celebrations and general enthusiasm for the president-elect.  It’s a typically charming and quirky article as it contrasts the earthy, working class people of  Obama with the more straight-laced folks in Fukui City, where higher-ups at the elite eyeglass company that produces Sarah Palin’s titanium rims are interviewed about their opinions on the US political scene and how they are coping with the surge in demand for their glasses.
The idea of a small village pulling for their name-sake seemed cute. Then I saw this picture from the hot spring there today:
Great. Just great….
Japan Probe gives the below information for anyone who might effect naivite (at best) in rural Japan:
If you want to let Obama Onsen know about how such a crude impersonation of Obama might be viewed by Americans, use this contact form. Ponta has kindly provided the following example of a complaint letter in Japanese:

お名前 (Name) :
メールアドレス (E-mail address):
確認用メールアドレス (E-mail address – again to confirm):

内容 (message):






Oh well, I’m still excited about おばま (Obama)!

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  1. August 16, 2015 9:03 PM

    ムカン ココット IH ロン

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