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Dekalb County Police Website Has Crunk Soundtrack

January 21, 2009

Really. I’m serious. Go to their site and click on all the various links to hear a different crunk instrumental on each page. The “Dekalb’s Most Wanted” page even features an extended Phil Collins sample! Imagine the  royalties he’s making!

Thanks Ben!

We Da Type Of People Make Da Club Git Crunk!

We Da Type Of People Make Da Club Git Crunk!

UPDATE: It turns out that my friend Preston Craig ran a piece on it as well. He links to an entire SFW album based on these tracks by a guy who goes by ytcracker called DCPD Bangers! It’s available for free download.

UPDATE: It looks like the tracks have been pulled (?). Preston has mirrored them on Kiss Atlanta – but it’s not quite as fun 😦

Ytcracker says:

DEPRESSING NEWS: since we have released the album and it has become a sensation overnight because of how awesome and famous we are, the ORIGINAL DCPD sites NO LONGER are hosting the banging beats that they once were. you can look in the left navbar of every page on the website and they still have the music on/off text and the flash code for the player is still in the html source, but everything that was in their /music/ directory has been deleted. we are working on mirroring the site to restore it to it’s full glory.

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