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Attention Skaters: Abandoned Water Park Awaits You…

January 5, 2009

…if you happen to be traveling along the Eastern Japanese coast. Tokyo Times has published part 3 of it’s series of photos and commentary on “Sports World” – a decade plus defunct water park that seems to not have been very popular, well, ever. If you can get past the prolific alliteration, a lot of the commentary is pretty hilarious and insightful.

Down the tubes.

Down the tubes.

How much fun would it be to explore this place for a couple of days? Adding to the creepiness (for me at least) is that it’s on Izu peninsula, where the resort cabin in The Ring reveals the video cassette.

Remember, it’s a 3 part series, so check out the other two parts.

Here’s a bird’s eye view (Thanks Lee!)

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