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Your Christian Intertube Weirdness for Today.

July 29, 2008

Check out the heart warming sounds of BigChampagne in-house favorites Heirline! They’re playing in somewhere called Mineral Bluff, GA. But I think we’re going to hold out for Pigeon Forge so we can double up with a trip to Dollywood.

Some excerpts from their riveting bios:

Ernie and Linda’s oldest son sings Baritone for the group. He also helps drive the Bus, He runs the sound for the group. He does a lot of the maintenance on the Bus, He Loads and Unloads the equipment. Eric also co-wrote the groups first top ten song “Jesus Has Conquered The Grave.” Eric, as you can tell does a lot for the ministry, but never complains about what he does.


Landon almost died at birth, Doctors didn’t think he would survive, but God did. Many times in service he will testify of just how good God is.

More on their MySpace.

This next item is second or third hand, from Henry of Chunklet Magazine. I don’t know about you, but I spent much of my childhood trying not to get my ass beat!

What can you say really? It’s sort of a sweet idea by the mother. Well anyways, once they grow up to be douchbags, they can start wearing one of these:

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