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Awesome Tapes and the Beach

July 8, 2008
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Well, I finally made it to the beach! It only took me 4 days of searching for a new wheel for my car. Apparently, I have the rarest of rims and was unable to acquire a new one, so I rented the only car I could find and ended up with some sort of gas-guzzling SUV. Luckily, the Carolinas have way better NPR stations than the one in Atlanta (full disclosure: I used to work for their competitor, and adopted the rivalry) and so got to listen news (rather than endless classical music) all the way here. Of course, most of that news, when not about our economy, was about the lame G8 summit. Listening to this while driving a huge SUV for 7 hours just depressed me more,

Anyways, the beach! I’ll probably post some photos soon. In the meantime, I leave you with the endless fun that is Awesome Tapes From Africa. It’s easy to forget here in the First World that most of the world’s music is still only on cassette. And, more than likely you will never find anything in this guy’s collection anywhere else. He deserves a Nobel prize!

At my favorite record store in the world, the sadly deceased El Sur Records in Aoyama, Tokyo; they used to come back from west and north Africa with tapes like these. Man, that place was great!

A recommendation: When I go to sites like this where I would rather listen to music first rather than download a bunch of things I’ve never heard before, I use a nifty program called Songbird. It’s a mash-up of Firefox and a media player, so when you got to a page with a lot of media files (almost any kind you find on the web that aren’t the evil Real Player), it scans the page and populates all the names across the bottom. This way, MP3s, for example, can be played as if they are local media. If you like something, you can just drag it and drop it to your library. It also has a plug-in for your iPod. I love it because so often I just want to play a news clip or listen to music while I’m working…and then never see those things again, much less have them taking up hard drive space.



Update! – rflux has an update from Tokyo:

“hello! El Sur Records in Shibuya has moved but still around!! Still a great place!!!

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  1. rflux permalink
    July 14, 2008 8:24 AM

    El Sur Records in Shibuya has moved but still around!! Still a great place!!!

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