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Most Bizarre Collaboration Ever?

June 19, 2008

One day, perhaps, A movie or some other pop culture product will come out featuring a bizarrely mis-matched collaboration, and I will only express mild bemusement, the way my more jaded friend Silky does. One would imagine that sometime after I saw the original Transformers (animated) movie, with it’s cast of Orson Wells, Casey Kasem, Judd Nelson, Eric Idle, Leonard Nimoy, and Robert Stack that I would cease being surprised by these things, but I am not.

So now, stranger, and hopefully better, than Wong Kar Wai and Nora Jones (which doesn’t seem so surprising in retrospect, of course) we have Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung (CYCLO, SCENT OF A GREEN PAPAYA, VERTICAL RAY OF THE SUN) casting Josh Hartnett as the lead in his I COME WITH THE RAIN.

Wait … Wha?!

Who put this together??

Well, I have no strong feelings either way about Hartnett (aside from resenting having paid to see him sleepwalk through the abysmal PEARL HARBOR), but the trailer looks promising. It’s being billed as an “international crime thriller” which sounds like a genre Tran could handle: like if CYCLO took place all over the globe and not just Saigon. I’m also seeing some reports that Harvey Keitel is in it, which for some reason isn’t as surprising (oh I just remembered why: THREE SEASONS). The supernatural or spiritual side is what makes this look interesting to me. We can all at least hope that it’s better than any of the Pang Brothers last 10 films!

I’m having trouble getting any of these trailers to play, maybe you’ll have better luck.

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  1. June 20, 2008 1:43 PM

    In probably less exciting news, John Woo is going back to China for his next movie, “Red Cliff”. It’s supposed to be the most expensive film ever produced in Asia.


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